History of the HVS

1903Founding of the Club by Lord Mayor Mönckeberg following the ideas of Albert Ballin, General Director of the Hamburg - America-Line.
1905Ocean regatta from New York to Cap Lizard, as suggested by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. The "Hamburg I" (ex. "Rainbow") finishes in excellent second place.
1906Kaiser Wilhelm II entices away the successful Captain Peters from the "Hamburg I"
1913"Hamburg II" (ex. "Westward"), an American yacht, is put into service - it is the time of the majestic great sailing yachts, which are usually sailed by professional crews.
1914Outbreak of World War I; the "Hamburg I" is sold.
1920"Hamburg II" is also sold. In the 1920s, yachting turns to become an amateur sport with smaller boats or dinghies; Bermuda- or Fastnet-Race are started for the first time.
1933The members decide to dissolution of the traditional club.
1936Initiated by Captain Schlimbach, a cross - Atantic race is organised in which Schlimbach's yacht "Störtebeker", funded by the NRV consortium, and the "Hamburg IV", financed by a group of Hamburg merchants, participate.
1937Re-founding of the Club under the auspices of Hamburg's Lord Mayor Krogmann. Club boats are "Störtebeker" and "Hamburg IV".
1937The young members sailing the HVS boats name themselves after Schlimbach's yacht, "Gruppe Störtebeker".
The Thirtieth In addition to the seaworthy yachts the HVS also holds the two smaller boats "Laura" and "Anneliese". The prime goal of the Club consists of nautical training and preparation of offshore regattas.
1945After the end of World War II, membership numbers are greatly decimated, the "Hamburg IV" destroyed by incendiary bombs, and the "Störtebeker" substantially damaged. At the instigation of Hans W. Petersen the Club is reconstituted and the "Störtebeker" restored  in parts using what is left os the "Hamburg IV".
1948After the Currency Reform and with support from Hamburg's commerce, Abeking & Rasmussen is commissioned with the building of the "Hamburg V".
1953"Ortac" complements the fleet, a cutter, built in 1937 by Robert Clark.
1955"Ortac" participates in the Atlantic regatta from Newport to Marstrand, Skipper is Kurt Fischer.
1956/57"Hamburg VI" is built.
1968Transatlantic race on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the NRV; the new yacht "Hamburg VII" with Skipper Günther Reher and a HVS crew wins rating B.
1971"Hamburg VII" participates in the first Cape to Rio Race organised by South Africa.
1972A new "Störtebeker" is acquired, an ex "Rubin" of Hans - Otto Schümann.
1974"Hamburg VII" is sold by the NRV, after having sailed more than 100.000 miles with the HVS.
1975"Hamburg VIII" is purchased from Consul Franz Burda (ex. "Garuda"). Shortly after, she is full destroyed in a fire. "Hamburg IX", the former "Vineta" of Felix Scheder-Bieschin, fills the gab in the fleet.
1976On occasion of the 200th year festivities of the USA, the "Störtebeker" sails via Tenerife, Bermuda, New York and Bosten back to Hamburg - in total more than 10.000 miles.
1978The HVS now desposes of three boats; its new flagship is the "Hamburg X" (ex. "Duva") from Peter Lubinus, a modern racing yacht. She soon becomes one of the most appreciated yachts in the history of the HVS.
1983"Hamburg X" participates in the transatlantic race Bermuda - Helgoland, Skipper is Henning Rocholl.
1984"Hamburg X" is "First Ship Home" and wins the regatta "Skagen Rund" in the IOR I - rating.
1986HVS takes part in the Sail Training Association - events of the 100th anniversary of the Statue od Liberty.
1989The HVS has a new "Störtebeker" (ex. "Moana")
1992With the "Störtebeker", the HVS takes part in the "Christoph Columbus Race" from Puerto Rico via New York, Boston and London to Hamburg; Skipper Christian Woge is awarded the Schlimbach - prize for his voyage.
1993For the first time, female members are accepted in the "Segelgruppe Störtebeker".
1994With the "Laura", ex. "Jan Pott", the HVS obtains a racer, having proved her excellent sailing analities in many races.
1996"Hamburg XI" sails under the name of her main sponsor as "Norddeutsche Vermögen Hamburg" and wins the "Hong Kong Challange" 1996 / 97, a race around the world in 13 legs with always changing Skippers and Crews.
2000The "Norddeutsche Vermögen Hamburg" partakes in the Cape to Rio Race (Skipper was Arnt Bruhns) and the subsequent return tour along the East coast of North America up to Halifax, from where she sets off to win the Sail Training Association Race to Amsterdam, Skipper was Felix Scheder-Bieschin jr.
2002The twelth "Hamburg", an X-482, is named according to her sponsor "Haspa Hamburg" and sails in her first season from Hamburg to Gran-Canadia, from where she participates in the ARC-Race. It is the 38th transatlantic voyage for a yacht of the HVS.

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