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We are looking for young people even without any sailing experience to take part in our club. Requirements are interest in sailing and the will to act in a team. We all share the pleasure of sailing together as well as working together on the boats off-season. As far as possible we are taking care of the boats ourselves, which enables us to learn to know the boats and strengthen our community. Active sailors meet monthly at Sailcrew Evenings to plan trips and races while doing some networking. These events are the most convenient way to arrive in our club and to meet active members. Whoever wants to participate at a certain journey should contact the respective skipper directly. Usually there's a place on board for you.


Due to our generous sponsors and several supporters it is possible to sail on our boats for low money. This goes along with the goals of the club: to make it possible for every young person to gain offshore sailing experience.
Costs arising are:

Annual fee for SgSt, the group of active sailors 95 EUR

Daily sailing fee for taking part on a trip
Standard: 30EUR per day
Reduced: 25EUR per day
By engaging in boatworks during winter every member may reduce this fee by 10EUR per day.
More information concering boatworks can be found on the Homepage and via our Inspectors.
A tour over the weekend is granted 'toll-free' for every interested person!